What robes will I be wearing at my graduation ceremony?

What you will be wearing depends upon where you have qualified and in which discipline. Each University or College has its distinctive combination of graduation gown, hood and hat. Some institutions only require gown and hood, others require the hat too. We are experts in knowing the correct combination and your institution has already specified what that should be. Often you can see photographs on your University or College website of what you will be wearing.

How much notice do I need to give of my graduation gown requirements?

Please try to book as early as you can before your ceremony for online and telephone bookings. At some Universities and Colleges we are allowed to offer an on the day service; however please check with your University or College first or call us to check. There may be a premium to pay if you book on the day.

Which award do I qualify for? I am not sure of the name of the course

We are sorry but we cannot help you on this subject. Please contact your tutor or your University or College registry for confirmation of this.

Which day or ceremony I am due to attend? And where do I graduate?

We are sorry but we cannot help you on this subject. Please contact your University or College registry for confirmation of this. You should have received a pack from them outlining these details. If you have not, you need to contact them urgently.

Where do I collect my graduation gown from you?

You should have received a pack from your University or College outlining these details. If you have not, you need to contact them urgently. It will be in a special area set aside for us to gown you, relatively close to the graduation ceremony location. The Robing Room will be clearly signposted. Please read our article "Collecting Your Graduation Gown".

When do I get my outfit and how do I wear it?

Normally we are open for robing for at least 2 hours before the ceremony. Do not worry about how to wear your graduation robes as we have experienced dressers waiting to ensure that you look your best!

What happens if I cannot find my reference number or confirmation?

Our system is based your name and your reference number is really a confirmation of your booking. At the ceremony we have lists that enable us to identify the outfit we have reserved for you. However if you can remember to bring your reference number with you it can save some time. Some people store it on their mobile phone!

What if I do need to book on the day?

If your University or College allows us to offer this service, then please turn up at least one hour before your ceremony and report to our help desk in the robing area. You will be able to pay by cash or most major credit and debit cards. You will need to complete a form giving us your name, address and contact details.

What do you mean by Height and Chest size?

"Height" is measured from the top of your head to the ground without shoes on. "Chest" is the normal bra measurement (without the cup) for ladies: for men it should be measured at the widest point of the chest, which is normally just under the arms.

What do I do to change my order or to cancel it?

Please email us using the Contact Us page on this website, quoting your reference number, name and university or college. Let us know the change(s) to be made or cancellation if necessary. We will confirm back to you by email once we have carried out the change. Alternatively you can ring us on the number on this website and give us the information over the phone, and we will confirm the changes verbally to you. Orders cancelled 24 hours prior to the ceremony receive a full refund, cancellations after that time may be subject to a modest administration charge.

I did not make it to the graduation. How do I get a refund?

Please follow the same procedure as for making changes to your booking. Contact us promptly to confirm that you did not attend as this helps us to ensure that you receive your refund promptly. Refunds for graduation gown orders cancelled less than 24 hours before the ceremony or not collected may be subject to an administration charge.

How quickly can I expect my photographs to be delivered?

We try to dispatch photographs as quickly as we can after the ceremony, but no later than 4 weeks after the ceremony. Typically we manage things much faster than this and less than 10 working days is typical.

When will I receive my tickets for the ceremony?

Whilst we take the booking for tickets for the ceremony we are not responsible for allocating seats or dispatching tickets. Some institutions send out the tickets in advance whilst others issue them once you have registered on the day . Please contact your institution where you are graduating if you are concerned about tickets not being received.

I do not know my hat size! What do I do?

Just give us your best guess. At the ceremony you will be individually fitted with a hat (assuming your ceremony requires one of course) so we do not need to know your exact hat size, we just need a guide from you. We always bring more than enough hats of all sizes to our ceremonies. Our hats actually come in 5 main sizes - extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. They have elasticated sides and are much more forgiving of different head shapes as well as sizes.


We take a selection of photographs to create a relaxed portrait of the graduate and family/ friends.We choose the best image and print a series of prints of the best image. We take a three quarter image where space allows,if you require full length images please instruct the photographer, but this will incur an extra charge. Photographs are despatched within 28 days of ceremony via Royal Mail with cert of posting . We provide mirrors to check hair etc,so please check tie,hair etc Returns cannot be accepted where the client does not like the image,.